Am I crazy?

So, I’ve had this goal list. I made it a little bit earlier this year and it was basically just solidifying some of what was floating around in my head and heart. The list is rather broad, covering from fitness goals to photography and what I want to do with music and income, but lately they all kind of were just written down and I wasn’t taking any action on them. It’s been 6 months of not doing anything solid to move towards the goals I set.

Then today I read a this tweet:

Yeah, it's from yesterday. I acted on it today.

Saw this on my Dreams list:

  • Race Leadville 100 under 9 hours

And I went to sign up.

If you don’t know what big thing in Leadville is, here’s a link. The Leadville 100 MTB Race. 100 miles. On a mountain bike. At very high elevations. What’s there not to love? I first heard of this race after reading The Fat Cyclist’s blog. His race reports are amazing (2011), and put it somewhere deep in my heart to do this ride.


Apparently this is a super desirable race and they just don’t do registrations. They do this thing called a lottery. Where they actually sell you a lotto ticket and if you win, they register you for the race.

This means that I’m not quite registered for the race. And there’s a chance that I won’t get in. I’m not really sure if I should feel┬árelieved┬áthat there might be a way out of this mess that I got myself in, or disappointed that I might not be actually doing this race. I will just have to wait like everyone else till February when they announce the lottery winners.

February can’t get here fast enough.

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